Point TV 2013-2014: Looking Ahead

There are too many people on PLNU’s campus that have no idea what Point TV is.  Some don’t even know we have a TV station on campus at all. How about we change that? If you’re reading this, you’re probably either involved already or interested in learning more about this Channel 23 thingy.


So let’s start with the purpose of Point TV. Our official slogan is “Inform. Uplift. Entertain.” For the purpose of logos and branding we keep it short and sweet. But I’d like to add some words to that. Inspire. Involve. Instruct. Ignite. Wow, those are all “I” words. That wasn’t intentional, but let’s add another one–Improve.

Channel 23 is entering a time of change, a transition from the old ways of doing things. We love the people we work with but we’re tired of inside jokes and a limited number of created minds. This year, and into the future, we are striving to reach an entire campus. If we can extend that reach, we will.

We want you to get involved!!!

And this year we’re making it easier to do just that. Throughout the year we will be holding events all across campus. We’ll have auditions for shows, movie nights, film festivals, open houses and more. All these events will be FREE and you’ll probably walk away with some cool stuff too, like Point TV gear, prizes, and gift cards.

Not only do we want to see you at these events, but we’re inviting students from all majors to join us in our efforts to make quality student-produced programs. If you can write, act, direct, sing, produce, do animation, or anything else even remotely related to TV and film  production, please please please make it a point to come by the Point TV studio and put your creative minds to work. In collaboration with Guerilla Film Society we will also be opening up film contests to the entire campus. There is a lot of talent on this campus. Share it!

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If you want to stay up to date on all of Point TV’s latest events and programming, or if you’d like to be more actively involved with Point TV, email Station Manager Erich Rau at erau474@pointloma.edu or stop by the studio in the back of the library.


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