Every year, media communications students make several films that take many hours and hard work to create. During the school year of 2015-2016 though, senior Jonathan Pickett wrote and directed two different short films, Nanobots at the DMV and Graceface, both of which have won awards.

Nanobots at the DMV tells the story of a man who accuses and threatens the DMV for putting “nanobots” in his car — and another young man who simply wants a DMV appointment and ends up saving the day.  The film was created in the  COM442 Field Production course last spring.  

Pickett said that he came up with the idea because he wanted “a story idea for a character who wants something very simple and to come up with roadblocks for him and the most ridiculous was a guy robbing the DMV.”

Graceface tells a much more relatable story and follows the exploits of a student who needs to print an assignment out and the rush to submit it on-time.  The film is a race-against-time story about how the main character handles all of the obstacles that he runs into along the way.

“It’s semi-autobiographical because I was in the same position and thought it would be a funny short film,” says Pickett.

Nanobots at the DMV was accepted into the BEA Super-Regional competition and won first place in the narrative film category of the festival.  Graceface was accepted into four festivals, including two online festivals, the College Town Film Festival, and the Lone Star Film Festival.

“It was an official selection at the Lone Star Film Festival,” says Pickett, “it played during the coming of age block in a sold out theater, which I attended because I was able to fly out there, which was really cool.”

These awards did not come easily for Pickett though. “Both of them were a ton of hard work,” says Pickett, “and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything with them without a great team who was able to work on them and believed in them.”

As hard as he has worked on these two films though, Pickett doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. “I am currently working on my senior film,” he said. “It is pretty much the culmination of both of these films and will probably be out in April and I am planning on submitting to as many festivals as I can.”


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