One of the biggest opportunities that university students have when looking to move forward from college life to the professional world after they graduate is through internships, and students at Point Loma are no exception to that rule.

Media Communications and Broadcast Journalism majors all look for internships that will help them with what they potentially want to do with their careers in the future. Media Communications majors typically try to find internships at production companies so that they can learn the business first-hand, while Broadcast Journalism majors try to work at news stations, magazines, or newspapers, so that they can learn how a newsroom operates and how the editorial process works.

During this school year alone, several Media Communications majors have had internships that range from working with a marketing team to working in post-production. Brady Haycock is one such student who has had an internship this past year, which was working with the production and post-production processes at Byron Main Productions. Haycock talked about how this internship allowed him to do things most students aren’t able to do at this level.

“This internship is unique because I am the first internship at a new production company. I’m actually doing a lot of things that most people would be doing after years of experience.” Haycock said.

An internship like this is rare for students to get, but is all the more helpful when moving onto the professional world.

Broadcast Journalism majors have also had a large variety of different internships during this past school year, ranging from internships at magazines to internships in a newsroom, as well as with San Diego Padres’ announcer Dick Enberg before his retirement at the end of the last baseball season. Tigist Layne is currently interning with San Diego Magazine, which covers everything San Diego.

When asked about what she thinks that this internship helps her with, Layne said, “It helps me get published, as well as provides experience on meeting deadlines. Just being in the environment I good experience because it helps me learn from professionals and get hands on experience to help with my writing.”

Internships are essential for students to do while in college in order to learn what they can about the industry that they are about to enter after they graduate. With the internships that Point Loma students are getting, they are well on their way to being professionals after they graduate.

For more information about the Media Communication program contact Alan Hueth at or Scott Brown at For more information on the Broadcast Journalism contact Dean Nelson at


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