On Thursday, October 12th Point TV will be hosting a fall film forum featuring Mark Vertullo, the executive producer of the famous competition show The Amazing Race. Point TV has hosted several film forums in the past, bringing in people such as scriptwriter and producer Dean Batali from That ‘70s Show, film producer Ralph Winter from The X-Men film series, and PLNU mass media alum and writer-director Daniel Cretton, from Short Term 12 and Glass Castles fame.

Vertullo has won eight Emmys in the Outstanding Reality Competition category, as well as the Producer of the Year award from the Producers Guild of America in 2012. He began his work on The Amazing Race in 2005 and has since then produced 266 episodes. Vertullo is still working on this series as it just entered its 30th season on Saturday, September 30th.

While students within the media communications major take several courses learning about the media industries, the film forums add another dimension and benefit to students.

Dr. Alan Hueth provided his insight on why this film forum is so worthwhile.

“You get to talk with these producers, writers, editors, directors, and I think there is great value in that. I can tell students all about this kind of stuff, but me saying it doesn’t have the same value than bringing in these working professionals.”

Vertullo’s work within the TV industry will provide a learning experience for all students — not just those within the media communications major.

Hueth explained: “A lot of students are interested in film but have never even considered working on the business side of the industry. So business students should come. Many students are interested in the beliefs and values and worldviews portrayed in cinema—so philosophy majors should come. And some students are interested in the scriptwriting and stories – welcome to our literature and creative writing students…I could go on and on about this one.”

Two episodes of The Amazing Race will be screened prior to a Q&A session. Guests will be given the opportunity to ask Vertullo their questions directly.

The fall film forum will be held in Colt Hall from 6:30pm-9:00pm on October 12th. People of all ages and majors are encouraged to attend. Plus, who doesn’t love free dessert?


For more information regarding the fall film forum or other Point TV events, contact Alan Hueth at or Paige Adlhoch at



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